Nina Ricci Rose Extase EDT 80ml For Women


Rose Extase by Nina Ricci Perfume. Released in 2017, Rose Extase is a fruity and sweet floral fragrance with woody musk undertones. The fragrance opens with the sweet flavors of red berries with a bit of tang before descending into the heart comprised of rose and raspberry for the middle notes. The base notes warm the perfume up a bit with a combination of vanilla, amber wood and musk to round the fragrance off with a woodsy tone that prevents the scent from being too sweet or sharp. Maia Lernout and Francis Kurkdjian are the perfumers behind this simple yet alluring fragrance.

In 1932, native Italian Maria Ricci with her son, Robert, established Nina Ricci as a French fashion house and began designing graceful gowns. These gowns led her to create fragrances with the same elegance. The most famous perfume, L’Air du Temps, was introduced in 1948 in a delicate dove flacon and is still popular to this day.

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